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What is EdBox?

EdBox is a well-known technology used in a whole new way. It is a multimedia advertising platform, thanks to which it is possible to manage promotional and information materials. Contact data collection, surveying, knowledge sharing sites and internet connection sharing are also available.

EdBox offers a huge range of possibilities – it allows you to create excellent advertising or information point with a small financial amount. EdBox guarantees a variety of applications, e.g. electronic flyer, product catalog, information panel, e-guide and much more.

EdBox – principle of operation

The Multimedia Information and Advertising Platform EdBox based on WiFi technology allows you to receive any content on mobile devices located in the EdBox area. Every user within EdBox’s reach has access to prepared resources when they log in to the WiFi network. The administrator places the data that he wants to share using a simple browser tool. Then the content is propagated by the router system.

EdBox can also be used as an Internet access point

EdBox_BASIC – description

EdBox_BASIC is designed to a single information point – it provides only static resources, without the possibility of interaction.

Additional information / parameters:

Number of locations 1
Number of devices 1
Languages POL
GB Capacity 8
Remote management No
Interactive forms No
Support of specialists 5 X 8
Kiosk No




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